Wednesday, December 17, 2008

vegas sign "boneyard"

When Jason was in town, we went to the Neon Museum/boneyard for old Vegas signs. Filled with bright colors, worn and bleached by the desert sun, and rows and rows of lightbulbs, it made for a fun tour. Led by a tour guide, we were able to also hear stories and learn the background of many of the signs.

(Pictures to come)

new stuff

We recently received an gift card for our wedding renewals from relatives and were excited to pick out some new things for our home. It was harder than what I thought to narrow it down to what we wanted. We ended up being able to order smokey blue Egyptian cotton sheets, extra pillowcases, and a headboard! The sheets arrived today. Can't wait to wash and use them!

(photos from Amazon's website)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

haven't been on here in a while...

Have been writing more on my baby-to-be blog. (It's a boy!)

I'm on vacation! Yey! That's one great thing about working year-round this year...I have several breaks spread throughout the year instead of just in the summer.

I had time to finally make a treasury of my own and had perfect timing yesterday when I logged into

Saturday, November 1, 2008

etsy treasury

My oatmeal dishcloths (bottom center) were featured in a neutral and green treasury this week.

election day

Election day is fast approaching! It's been nice, since we had Friday off and then we have Tuesday as an inservice due to voting. We already voted in the early we won't have to face the long, long lines. Recently, we were able to work at the concession stand at an Obama rally. It was neat to be there with over 18,000 people. We may be able to say we heard our next President speak on the campaign trail.


Even though it doesn't feel like a Michigan fall, (I miss the fall colors!) it's starting to cool down a bit. This is such a nice time of year out in the west...not toooooo hot!

happy halloween

Last night we were prepared for trick-or-treaters, but had NONE! :(

More candy for us! :)